Process Engineering

The project process typically starts with scoping of a particular problem or opportunity, review of various challenges, development of solutions, and proposal of a path forward that meets the majority of the original objectives. A cost estimate is produced to obtain project funding. Once the project funding is approved, the detailed design of the project begins. Typically the detailed design begins with the completion of the process deliverables but may occur simultaneous with other disciplines depending on the project scope and schedule. Local understand that flexibility in execution is essential for effective project completion.
As with any process, there are exceptions. Additional scoping may be required if a project needs further evaluation before a TIC can be comfortably developed. Projects may need to be broken into multiple phases. Approvals to proceed with the proposed solution may not be given and alternatives must be evaluated and implemented. Local expects that process exceptions will occur and is positioned to respond accordingly with our small and nimble workforce.

  • PID’s
  • PFD’s
  • Line lists
  • Mass balance
  • Tie point lists
  • Process studies and troubleshooting
  • Hydraulic analysis
  • Transient flow analysis
  • DBM Development
  • PHA and HAZOP Facilitation
  • CFD Analysis