Mechanical Engineering and Piping

Local’s engineers can work with existing facility drawings where available or can utilize the latest in 3D scanning and model development to produce effective designs that minimize rework and the need to field fit. Local engineers do not blindly follow directions, but ask appropriate questions and provide additional thoughts if a more suitable approach is warranted. This requires senior level small project thinking to evaluate the proposed approach against alternatives using current knowledge, asking the right questions to other knowledgeable individuals, and contemplating the effects of the proposed design and the alternatives on all fronts (technical, cost, installation) while being time/cost effective. This balance comes from experience and is a cornerstone of Local’s success.

  • Piping stress analysis
  • Equipment Sizing, datasheets, and material requisition
  • Bid evaluations, clarifications, vendor drawing review
  • Equipment layouts & general arrangements
  • 2D/3D piping model development
  • Piping isometrics
  • Solidworks and Inventor modelling
  • 3D scanning and model stitching/registration