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Arc Flash Study

Our client uses arc flash incident energies to evaluate the hazard that electrical equipment presents to nearby workers. Arc flash labels indicate the hazard to

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Steam Turbine Support

The client has been experiencing vibration issues with a steam-powered turbine. Local provided mechanical support by performing stress analysis using CAESAR II software. The turbine

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Pharma Cleanroom

Our client manufactures and sells pharmaceutical-grade plastic pellets. Some of their clients require the pellets to be ground into a powder for manufacturing. This has

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Filtration Temperature Control

Our client filters hydrogen peroxide through membrane filters to create high-purity hydrogen peroxide. The hydrogen peroxide temperature fluctuates with outside temperature reducing the throughput in

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Cooling Water Piping Support

Local provided structural and mechanical design to replace the existing cooling pipe supports that were experiencing severe corrosion. Local performed stress analysis using CAESAR II

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